1. FEEL DA FURIUS ANIME POWAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Broken english translations included!

  2. … and Leonardo

  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Classic ones.

  4. 7 años de trabajo en una serie de fantasía que os encantará si sois fans de El Hobbit y ESDLA, Juego de Tronos o Elric of Melnibone / 7 years of work in a fantasy comic-book you will enjoy if you´re fan of The Hobbit & LOTR, Game of Thrones of Elric of Melnibone


    Mice Templar is an ongoing series of arcs that creates one large mega story. Karic, a young mouse finds it is his destiny to reunite the MICE TEMPLAR, warriors of old who held peace and protection for the land. Steeped in mythology, homages to classic myths and anthropomorphic myths of our own making, this is a saga fit for anyone who loves the fantasy genre. 

    We have 7 years of material out from imagecomics and more coming as we near the end of this mighty story. Now is the perfect time to try out Mice Templar. Check your Local Comic Shops, as well as comixology

    A free Digital issue here:




  5. pizza-party:

    The Beacon/Furious is at the Furious signing at the Dark Horse Booth! Come by and meet a superhero! #eccc

    Furious in the con!

  6. It´s Mole Time!

  7. pizza-party:

    Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos’ Furious #3 is on sale today! Go get that comic!

  8. LAP DANCING (2007) A noir story in 280 silent panels.

  9. An Alien College cover (Anillo de Sirio, Spain, 2010) I did time ago. College girls with guns always work.

  10. A lot of sketches on my books / Un montón de bocetos en mis libros